Want to combine both loves for both mythical creatures and neon glow lights? Throwing a birthday party Niagara Falls or want to have a party for all your friends and family. Include lots of entertainment for all your guests to enjoy and talk about forever. 

Create the best mythical creatures neon glow party for you and all your friends at your Niagara Falls event. Maybe you like unicorns, goblins or dragons, hire Niagara Falls entertainers and create some cool neon outfits to represent your creatures.

Moreover, You can create custom Niagara Falls neon signs to hang on walls or use as centerpieces, hand out glow sticks, have neon paint, hire a neon live artist. Let’s see how you can create a custom Niagara fall Mythical Creature and Neon Glow Party Look.

Essential Takeaways

Use props such as LED butterflies, bugs, signs, and stars to enhance the theme and create a magical pixie garden.
Set up a glitter and neon makeup station for guests to add extra fun to their looks and photos.
Premier Booth offers a variety of backdrops and customizable templates to match your theme.
Take advantage of the unlimited 4×6 printed photos offered by Premier Booth as a great party favor and memory for your guests.

Niagara falls photo booth rentals

Niagara Falls Mythical Creatures and Neon Glow Party Photo Booth – Bringing the Magic to Your Event

There are plenty of ideas for creating a amazing party photo booth. Moreover, here are some ideas on how to incorporate mythical creatures and neon glow parties into your photo booth experience:

1. Neon Glow Backdrops

Transform your photo booth into a magical world of neon lights by choosing a neon glow backdrop. This can be a simple solid color or a more intricate design featuring mythical creatures such as unicorns or dragons.

2. Mythical Creature Props

Adding mythical creature props such as unicorn horns, dragon wings, or mermaid tails can add an extra level of fun to your photo booth experience. Guests can channel their inner mythical creature and create unique and memorable photos.

3. Niagara Falls Mythical Creatures and Neon Glow Accessories

Incorporating neon glow accessories such as glow sticks, bracelets, or necklaces can add an extra level of excitement to your event. Guests can use these accessories in their photos, creating a neon glow effect that is both visually stunning and fun.

4. Photo Booth Attendants

Hiring a photo booth attendant can ensure that your guests have the best experience possible. They can assist guests in using the photo booth, provide additional props and accessories, and ensure that everything runs smoothly throughout the event.

Niagara Falls Photo Booth for Mythical Creatures and Neon Glow Party

Get some LED butterflies, bugs, signs, stars and create a pixie garden where you can place your photo booth Niagara Falls. Set up a glitter and neon makeup station if people want to add more to their fun looks, or didn’t get the chance to get creative.

In addition to that, Premier Booth has lots of props to use, and you can even pick out the most colorful items to make sure they stand out and glow in the dark. We have a variety of backdrops and can create a custom template.

Premier Booth Niagara Falls offers unlimited 4×6 printed photos, which are a great party favor and memory for your friends and family.

Balloons and Marquee Letter Rental Service Niagara Falls

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Use our Balloons to create a grand entrance, pick four colors for the balloons that will stand out with the blacklight. We also offer marquee rental service, and you can even customize the letters to say something or numbers.

Our marquee letters Niagara Falls light up and are white, and they will be perfect for your theme. Our Niagara Falls Balloons and Marquee letters make for great Niagara Falls photo opportunities as well.

Premier Booths photo booth rental services also service Hamilton, St. Catharines, Stoney Creek, and Ancaster locations.