It is your daughter’s birthday party, she is growing up, and she would love a Niagara CandyLand themed photo booth. You are going to do anything you can to make it the best birthday ever.

Plan on going all out, getting all the best decor pieces Niagara Falls and including a photo booth Niagara Falls to take pictures of your little girl and all her friends. Notably, there are lots of activities, like candy apple station, cupcake station, candy necklace stations and many more fun food decorating stations or even board games or dance parties.

Think of any activity that can result in getting candy. The Niagara CandyLand themed photo booth can also result in kids getting candy and a printed 4×6 photo. Use this as a station for kids to get their goodie bags. 

Your Goodie Bags Can Also Include:

CandyLand Themed Photo Booth Niagara Falls Activities

In addition to taking photos, you can also include a variety of Candyland-inspired activities in your photo booth experience. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Pose and Snap

The main activity in any photo booth is taking photos. Encourage your guests to strike a pose and snap some fun and silly photos with their friends and family members.

CandyLand Themed photo booth Niagara Falls
CandyLand Themed photo booth Niagara Falls

2. Candy Hunt

Create a fun and interactive candy hunt for your guests by hiding candy throughout the photo booth area. You can use a variety of candy types, such as gummy bears, M&Ms, and candy canes. Encourage your guests to find as much candy as they can and snap some photos with their finds.

3. Sweet Treats

Set up a candy bar or dessert table with various sweet treats for your guests to enjoy. You can include candy-themed snacks, such as cupcakes with candy decorations, cotton candy, and chocolate-covered pretzels. This will not only add to the Candyland theme but will also give your guests a fun and delicious treat to enjoy.

Niagara Falls Photo Booth Rental Services

Premier Booth Niagara Falls can create a template for the photos that are bright and has lots of different types of candies on it. This way, the guests can have something to look back on.

Moreover, the printed photo will be very bright and fun to match the theme. Your little girl can keep all the pictures in a scrapbook and bring it to school for show and tell and brag about her cool candy land party.

As well the props can all be candy items, lollipops, gummy bears, Icecream, sour patch kids, anything candy. Even bring your cotton candy into the photo, show off your candy colored lips. 

Candyland Birthday Photo Booth Niagara Falls

Other Niagara Falls Photo Booth Rental Services

Another photo opportunity would be to rent our Niagara Falls Marquee letters and customize them to say Candyland and have some pink, white, blue balloons in an arch at the entryway, so everyone can get some photos taken before they enter.  Create your daughter’s Candyland dream come true by renting our photo booth service and other services in Niagara Falls.

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